The theory of mindfulness is commonly known as a state of being aware and attentive in the present moment. Mindfulness seeks to increase skillful behavior and acceptance strategies.

Mindfulness and healing sometimes seem to be cases of easier said than done, however. Avoidance tactics often feel the most secure to many, even those without PTSD. To avoid the recurring experiences of PTSD, some turn to abusing drugs and alcohol, as substance abuse can both numb the symptoms and distract the suffering individuals.

Drug addiction help can be a solution that can provide strategies and holistic therapies. Such assistance can teach those struggling with addiction how to prevent avoidance behaviors and achieve self-empowerment.

PTSD is a phenomenon that is still being researched today. There are methods that can be taught to help people address and treat this illness.

Substance abuse and other avoidance tactics can be means to postponing the effects of PTSD, but they are not solutions. Therapeutic treatments, counseling, and proper medication are better tools to assist those who suffer and teach them proper strategies to overcome PTSD. Such tools can help them actively confront the condition, not passively avoid it.